Flexibility –– Production Capacity

Are you just getting started and in need of a limited supply or are you a full-scale operation with a high demand? Supreme Formulations is there in either case to serve you. We can deliver production of as little as (100,000 capsules/tablets) or as high as 5 Billon tablets and/or capsules each and every month. Reduce and eliminate back orders and profit losses by choosing Supreme Formulations.

Meet Market Demands –– Hard Shell Capsules

You can choose from a variety of capsules to deliver almost every demand the marketplace calls for. Choose from a variety of standard options from: “00”, “0”, “1”, “2”, “3.”

Optimal Bioavailability –– Coating

Offer your market optimal bioavailability by choosing from a variety of Aqueous Coating Systems that best-fits the nutrient profile of your unique formula. Choose from: Clear Film, Color Coating and Enteric coating with pH control.

blendingIdeal Blending Partner –– Power Blends

You can eliminate waste and save inventory costs by properly matching your blend to your needs. Our V-Blenders, Planetary Mixers and Ribbon Blenders can handle smaller blends or larger blends. Your products are blended using proper cGMP blending methods to ensure entirely shelf-stable, homogenous blends. Your blends are delivered when you need it and packaged the way you use them. We help you save time, money and solve potential problems as your ideal blending partner.

Thorough, Uniform, Bioavailable Blends –– Milling and Granulation

Following proven and exact procedures of milling and granulating is an important step in ensuring the quality of your products. For some nutrients, granulating greatly improves bioavailability. As well, ensuring the ingredients of a blend are geometrically compatible in size promotes thorough blending, prevents settling and prevents loss from ingredients adhering to the blender wall or not dispersing enough for uniform blending. As a result, your blends are thoroughly mixed, uniform and optimally bioavailable.