Blister Cards

Blister cards provide improved shelf-life, tamper resistance and excellent product promotion through sampling. For your convenience, we offer you many sizes and configurations.

Bottle Filling and Labeling

For even greater flexibility, you can have a small or larger run that is fully automated or semi-automated depending entirely on your needs. Supreme Formulations utilizes state of the art volumetric and weight filling machinery to ensure quality and consistency of bottle portions.

Large Container Filling

Make the most of your profitability. This is the ideal solution for protein, creatine, weight-gainers or nearly every product that you sell in bulk. You can rest easy knowing with our Automated Auger Filling – we will take the burden off you and fill your jars, buckets, and metal cans with powder accurately and on-time.

Customized Powder Pouches

For consumer convenience, single serving units are high in demand. Now you can fulfill that need with pouch sizes that range from a tiny 5 gr fill to a hefty 250 gm fill. They are conveniently available in paper, cellophane, and foil.

Table Capsule Packets

When you require sample or daily package tabs whether soft-gels or tablets, Supreme Formulations will meet your needs with flexible packaging. For your convenience these are available in Paper, Cellophane, and Foil.