Product Development

Custom Formulations

Offering a proprietary formula that can’t be found anywhere else can be an asset to your customers and to you as well. When you provide your customers with the right blend you’ll match their needs and increase sales. Supreme Formulation will be there every step of the way to guide and advise you. Our elite team is dedicated to your success. They are qualified, experienced, well-researched and highly competent professionals. They will offer World Class expertise to your specific custom formulation needs.

Concept to Reality

Now it’s time to let us show you how our R&D Department can take your product image from the drawing board to reality. Your pilot batches are free with the purchase of a full production batch of the pilot formula.

Research Library

For your continued research, we maintain an extensive research library. You’ll have access to detailed information on thousands of different nutrients and ingredients.

Export Certification

Our product formulations meet most international conformities.